Automatic Egg Transfer System

Setter Tray Dispenser

For transferring eggs from setter tray to hatcher basket in a single movement


For the gentle, automatic transfer of eggs from setter tray into the hatcher basket. All the eggs can be smoothly transferred into the basket in a single movement for maximum capacity, which minimises the risk of cracks. The transport of setter trays and hatcher baskets is automated and smoothly adjusted for seamless operation, with scope for full connectivity to additional systems, such as candling systems, stackers, destackers and washing lines. Durable, stainless steel design for easy cleaning and maximum hygiene.

How it works

  • Eggs are transported automatically in setter trays by a conveyor to the transfer position
  • An empty hatcher basket is transferred to the loading position, right beside the setter tray
  • A vacuum transfer head lifts all the eggs from the tray simultaneously and gently lowers them into the hatcher basket
  • Both the empty setter tray and the full hatcher basket are released for further transport and handling, while the transfer system is loaded with a new tray and basket to repeat the sequence.

Technical specifications

Installed power
Air consumption
Dimensions (LxWxH)
IP Marking

> 600 trays/hour (90,000 eggs per hour)
> 12 kW
> 26.7 litre/min at 6 bar
> Stainless steel AISI304 (where applicable)
> 4300 x 2000 x 2100 mm
> 1,000 kg
> Motors IP55
> Sensors IP68 / IP69K
> Control panel IP66