Hand Candling Lamp

Setter Tray Dispenser

For reliably inspecting small batches of hatching eggs


Reliably distinguishes fertile from infertile eggs (clears), as well as revealing hairline cracks, the size and position of the airspace and the size and position of yolk. The developing embryo is clearly visible. This energy saving LED light is ideal for candling small batches of eggs.

How it works

  • The candling lamp is manually placed on the egg
  • The air cell can be identified and measured to analyze weight loss
  • Defective eggs, from small hairline cracks to infertile eggs are easy visible and can be removed from the tray

Technical specifications

Dimensions (LxWxH)   

> 156 gram
> 125 x 35 x 35 mm
> 12 LEDs and two soft, padded rings: 
> 1 x 20mm for hen eggs; 
> 1 x 30mm for duck/goose eggs