Setter Trolley Unloader

Setter Tray Dispenser

For taking setter trays out of a setter trolley automatically


The fully automatic trolley unloader substitutes the heavy and repetitive manual labour of unloading setter trays from trolleys. With a smooth action that prevents damage to the hatching eggs, the trolley unloader’s double bed principle enables two setter trays to be unloaded at a time, to allow maximum capacity while maintaining a smooth, careful operation. The specially developed locking system allows the trolley to be easily placed into the unloader, with a quick release mechanism for the removal of the trolley when it is empty. Compact design requires minimum floor space, with versions available for both 16 and 17 tray-high setter trolleys.

How it works

  • A setter trolley loaded with trays is positioned in front of the unloader with the locking system closed
  • Two setter trays are pulled out of the setter trolley onto the automatic trolley unloading unit at a time
  • The automatic feeder puts each setter tray onto a conveyor and indexes automatically to the next unloading height
  • As unloading is always positioned on one side of the trolley, batches remain unmixed
  • The trolley remains fixed and static throughout the entire operation
  • When all the trays have been removed, the empty trolley is replaced with another full trolley by an operator

Technical specifications

Installed power
Air consumption
IP Marking

> 600 setter trays/hour (90,000 eggs per hour) depending on trolley transfer time
> 6 kVA
> 1.6 m3/hour at 6 bar
> Stainless teeel AISI304 (where applicable)
> 3200 x 2200 x 2400 mm
> 800 kg
> Motors IP55
> Sensors IP68 / IP69K
> Control panel IP66