Chick Take-Off System

Setter Tray Dispenser

For the manual separation of day old chicks


Ergonomically designed, Pas Reform’s take-off system provides good, comfortable access for up to eight operators to transfer chicks manually from hatcher baskets to an integrated discharge conveyor. Designed with optimum hygiene in mind, the high quality stainless steel design is easily cleaned while the roller conveyor ensures the smooth transportation of full hatcher baskets. Available in two sizes, for 4 or 8 operators.   

How it works

  • Full hatcher baskets with chicks and debris are manually or automatically positioned on the take-off table
  • Operators manually take-off the chicks, leaving waste and debris in the hatcher basket
  • Chicks are transported via an integrated chute onto a belt conveyor for further handling
  • Conveyor belt is available with flexible discharge positions

Technical specifications

Length chick funnel 
Length roller converyor 

4 Persons 
> 40,000 chicks/hour 
> 1.1 Meters 
> 3.2 Meters 
> 75 Kg
8 Persons 
> 80,000 chicks/hour 
> 2.3 meters 
> 4.4 Meters 
> 130 Kg

Length chick coveryor 
Width roller conveyor 

> 2.8 Meters 
> 600 mm 
> 1080 mm 
> 930mm (50 mm adjustable) 
> Stainless steel AISI304 (where applicable) 
> Flexible positionable chick discharge conveyor

* Estimate, based on 10,000 chicks per operator per hour