Hatcher Dolley

Setter Tray Dispenser

For the smooth transport of hatcher baskets


Highly durable, easy-to-clean, stainless steel dolley with large diameter swivel castors for smooth, easy manoeuvrability. Designed to provide optimum stability for stacks of hatcher baskets. Can also be used for stacking and storing baskets after washing, prior to use in the transfer area. Optimised design for automated dolley transfers in Pas Reform stackers and destackers.

Technical specifications

Size dolley (LxWxH) 
Size dolley incl. 26 hatcher baskets (LxWxH) 
Size dolley incl. 32 hatcher baskets (LxWxH) 

> 1554 x 575 x 195 mm 
> 1595 x 575 x 1845 mm 
>1595 x 575 x 2227 mm 
> Stainless steeel AISI304 with durable plastic wheels 
> 13.2 kg