SmartTouch™ User Interface

Setter Tray Dispenser

For total control over every function and setpoint while optimizing hatchery connectivity


Simple to operate, ergonomically designed multi-language user interface delivers total control over every function and setpoint. Large, high-contrast, 10.4 inch colour LCD screens with Projective Capacitive Touch screen technology (PCT) and ergonomic user interface viewing angle, allow SmartTouch™ to be configured quickly and simply to programme incubation conditions that meet breed-specific requirements. Connected to SmartCenterPro™, SmartTouch™ also allows for data connection and information exchange to optimise hatchery performance. Includes cleaning mode, to prevent undesired actions during the cleaning of equipment. Durable, high protection rating touch screen is easy to clean.

How it works

  • SmartTouch™ delivers total control over every function and setting within each individual incubator, from humidity and CO2 levels and the position of air inlet valves, to the individual operating parameters temperature, heating, cooling, ventilation and turning – required per batch/egg type
  • SmartTouch™ multi-language user interface design makes operation simple and easily accessible to operators of all skill levels, from experienced hatchery managers to fully automated hatcheries
  • SmartTouch™ is interchangeable between the Pas Reform equipment, making the storage of multiple touch screens for each solution unnecessary. Simply position SmartTouch™ in the setter, hatcher or counter and set to the correct operation mode for its setting.

Technical specifications


> 10.4” High contrast colour LCD screen with Projective Capacitive Touch (PCT)
> 530 x 270 x 100 mm
> 6.7 Kg