Setter Tray Dispenser

To easily measure egg shell temperature


Thermoscan easily measures egg shell temperature as a useful tool for predicting embryo temperature. Pre-heated sensor tip increases measurement accuracy. Includes a digital display with nightlight and storage of the last 9 measurements.

How it works

  • Before starting, the thermometer should be warmed in the incubator for 15 minutes to ensure accurate measurement
  • Make sure that the plastic cover (lens filter) is on the thermometer’s infrared probe. The thermometer will not function without this filter
  • Place the infrared probe on the eggshell, just under the air chamber at the equator of the egg. Note that placing the probe over the air sac will register a lower reading than the true embryo temperature
  • Measure with the infrared probe right on the eggshell

Technical specifications

Display temperature range
Operating ambient temperature range
Operating relative humidity
Display resolution
Dimensions (LxWxH)

> 93.2 - 108 °F (34 - 42.2 °C)
> 50 - 104 °F (10 - 40 °C)
> 10 - 95% RH (non condensing)
> 0.1 °F or °C
> +-/ 0.4 °F
> 160 x 41 x 78 mm
> 158 grams