Mechanical Turning Unit

Setter Tray Dispenser

For farm or setter trolley


For use with a washing machine, to turn chick boxes 180 degrees for the easy loading of the washer conveying system. Ideally used in combination with and after a destacker for dirty, empty chick boxes. The tipping unit also allows for loose waste from the basket to be collected underneath the conveyor, which prevents debris from entering the washing machine.

How it works

  • Chick boxes with bottom down are automatically transported to the mechanical turning unit
  • Two mechanical grippers hold the chick box at the bottom and an air cylinder turns the grippers through 180 degrees, to turn the crate upside down
  • A second conveyor transports the reversed box to the washing machine for thorough cleaning

Technical specifications

Dimensions (LxWxH) 
IP marking

> 800 chick boxes/hour 
> 1114 x 962 x 589 mm 
> Stainless steel AISI 304 
> Motors IP55 
> Sensors IP68 / IP69K 
> Control panel IP66