Chick Counting and Boxing System

Setter Tray Dispenser

For friendly chick counting and boxing


With minimal surface area and the automatic selection of different chick sizes, Pas Reform’s chick counting and boxing system delivers ‘friendly’ chick handling, minimising stress and reducing travel time to the chick boxes for both small and large hatcheries. The handling of one day olds is of great importance to hatchery customers, as rough handling can adversely affect chick quality. For this reason, belt speed and drop height into the chick boxes is reduced to an absolute minimum, to minimise stress to the chicks. The system is accurate to within two chicks per thousand and can be supplied for one, two or four compartment plastic and or cardboard boxes.

How it works

  • Chicks passing on the conveyors are separated one from the other to prevent counting errors
  • Chicks are counted as they pass a microprocessor controlled infra-red counting head, at an average net rate of 30,000 chicks/ hour
  • A control panel display shows the number of chicks per box and the total number of chicks counted
  • The number of chicks per box or compartment is adjustable

Technical specifications

Installed power 
Air consumption 
Dimensions (LxWxH) 

> at least 30,000 chicks/hour 
> 0.5 kW 
> 1.0 - 3.75 ltr/min at 6 bar (depending on options) 
> Stainless steel AISI304 
> 2360 x 730 x 1100 (+820 for control panel) mm 
> 150 kg 
> 1, 2 or 4 compartment filling in plastic or cardboard boxes