Climate Control System

Setter Tray Dispenser

To protect the welfare of day old chicks and eliminate yield loss by optimizing climate conditions


Avoid thermal stress and maintain an ideal climate for newly hatched chicks between take off and transport to the farm. Temperature, humidity and air speed are all critical factors, interacting to determine a correct climate for the chicks inside the boxes. The chick holding room climate control system has been developed to manage that interaction, removing hot, humid air from around the boxes, without creating a draught directly onto the chicks. Ideally used in combination with Pas Reform chick boxes.

How it works

  • The chick room climate control system lets fresh air in at ceiling height, with air extraction in the low corners of the chick holding area
  • This creates a downwards, vertical air movement from the inlet to the extraction points in the four corners of the chick room
  • The room space is ventilated from a central air handling unit used in conjunction with a dedicated chick room cooler and humidification system, for micro control of the room’s climate
  • The chick storage room is climate controlled based on temperature, humidity and CO2 – Using coloured light further reduces stress of the birds (optional)

Technical specifications

Roof fan 

Dimensions (LxWxH) 
Air piping

> Roof fan for clean, climatised air supply 
> Air piping in corners for air discharge 
> Control system for optimizing chick room climate 
> durable, high quality plastic with steel fan system 
> 380 x 380 x 280 mm 
> 6.4 kg 
> Stainless steel air piping with cleaning access for easy maintance