SmartCount™ Spray Vaccinator

Setter Tray Dispenser

For vaccination against Infectious Bronchitis and Newcastle Disease


Pas Reform Academy has worked with leading vaccine manufacturers to develop this fully optimised spray system that delivers the correct droplet size (mist) for accurate vaccination. A transparent drift guard ensures an ideal spray-image, avoiding vaccine drift and wastage. This system has been designed for seamless integration in the SmartCount™ chick counting and boxing system. Equipped with a dual tank system, the spray vaccinator automatically switches to a backup vaccine storage tank to prevent any unnecessary interruptions to the process and is equipped with see-through plastic covers, to prevent spraying outside of the chick box. A detection system automatically registers the presence of a chick box, so that spray is only applied when chicks are present.

How it works

  • Compressed air vaccine spray is activated automatically as each chick box passes underneath
  • By inhaling the vaccine spray, day old chicks are protected against various diseases, including Infectious Bronchitis and Newcastle Disease
  • Double auto-changeover vaccine containers include a small reservoir, weighed while vaccination is in progress, and a larger reservoir that can be refilled while vaccination continues
  • Placed in a central console, the vaccine containers are easy to access, with a warning to indicate when a refill is required for uninterrupted operation

Technical specifications

Spray vaccination tanks 
Air requirement 
Vaccine containers and nozzles 
Couplings spray vaccination 
IP Marking

> 750 chick boxes/hour or 75,000 chicks/hour 
> 19.5 litre and 5.7 litre 
> 1.7 l/chick box at 6 bar 
> Integrated into SmartCount™ console 
> Made of food-safe materials NSF-51, with no brass or copper, to allow thorough cleaning and disinfection without damaging parts 
> NSF-61 for drinking water, NSF-51 for food and FDA for food and bevarage 
> Motors IP55 
> Sensors IP68 / IP69K 
> Control panel IP66