Humidifier Rotator

Humidifier Rotator

For optimised humidity control in setter or hatcher attics


Designed for installation in setter and hatcher attics to maintain the correct humidity levels, the humidifier rotator produces a very fine mist of water for maximum transfer of water to air. Variable water supply regulation allows for climate specific humidification control. Robust, easy to clean stainless steel body. Very little maintenance required.

How it works

  • Water hits pins located around a roatating disc (2,850 RPM) to form small droplets
  • An inbuilt, rotating fan distributes the water as a fine mist to increase relative humidity as the mist evaporates
  • Water that is not atomised is collected and reused

Technical specifications

Water capacity 
Fan speed 
Range / throw 
Installed power 
Supply water pressure    
> 4,000 m3/hour 
> Adjustable between 10 - 40 ltr/hour 
> 1,420 RPM 
> 20 - 35 m 
> 0.4 kW 
> 1 - 6 bar 
> 560 mm 
> 420 mm 
> 38 kg 
> Stainless steel, easy to clean body 
> Connection kit