Spray Nozzle Humidifier Set

Spray Nozzle Humidifier Set

For accurately balancing humidity in the hatchery


Hygrostat-controlled system to maintain optimised humidity in large corridors or air handling and preparation systems for setters and hatchers. The humidifier set combines clean water with pressurised air, to automatically deliver a fine, even mist and maintain humidity levels to required set-points. Reduces the need for additional humidification in the machines, resulting in more stable climate control.

How it works

  • The required level of relative humidity (RH) is set on the electronic Hygrostat
  • A surface mounted RH sensor monitors humidity continuously, triggering a controlled volume of water-spray as and when needed, to maintain optimum RH
  • Compressed air transports the required amount of water as a fine, even spray
  • The spray evaporates quickly to restore the correct level of humidity

Technical specifications


> 4 litres/hour per nozzle 
> Stainless steel with durable plastic tubing and sealing rubber 
> 840 gram 
> RH sensor, connection set and tubing