Dolley Washer

Setter Tray Dispenser

For the thorough cleaning of hatcher dolleys


Effective, space saving washing machine, specifically designed to clean hatcher dolleys thoroughly. A vspray nozzle system ensures that all sides of the dolley are cleaned with the high pressure hot water spray, while an automatic transport system ensures continues infeed of dirty hatcher dolleys. Hot water can be supplied by the washer’s integrated electrical heating system, or by using a heat exchanger in combination with the hatchery’s hot water supply. Easily replaced, click-on nozzles for optimum maintenance and durable stainless steel design for long lasting performance. Washer can be installed with a ramping system for easy installation or at a lowered floor area for floor level infeed- and outfeed height. Effective cleaning for moderate pollution.

How it works

  • A dirty dolley is positioned on the infeed of the machine and is automatically picked up by the transport conveyor
  • The conveyor will move the dolley automatically through the wasing machine at a constant speed, where it is cleaned with hot, pressurised water
  • After washing, the dolley is automatically pushed out of the machine

Technical specifications

Heating element 
Tunnel width 
Machine length 
Machine width 
Tank capacity 
Electrical power 
Water connection 
Noise level 
Wash/rinse temperature   

> 100 dolleys p/hr 
> 7.5 kW 
> 9 Kw 
> 6370 mm 
>1450 mm 
> 1840 mm (incl. control panel) 
> with ramp or at floor level (requires lower floor level at machine area) 
> 220 litre 
> 17 kW 
> 1/2” 
> 1 1/2” 
> 78 dB 
> 50-60 °C